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As a parent you are 'The Expert" of your child. Trust your instincts

Empower parents, learn the struggles, work on the Autism Journey roadmap together. AUTISM journey can be very overwhelming, confusing and coaching can help in many ways. Every individual with AUTISM is unique and every path is unique. Be the trailblazers and transform yourselves.

Manisha Lad

Autism Parent Advocate
Holistic Health Coach

Nutrition consultant

Excecutive Director

Akhil Autism Foundation

Akhil Lad

Minimally speaking
Types for talking

Our only son Akhil Lad – My inspiration to start me on this journey an opportunity to transform myself.

Why Choose Me

Have done it all and its has worked with our son Akhil Lad. Our only adult Neurodivergent son Akhil Lad is an inspiration behind our Akhil Autism Foundation. link

March 2017 Akhil participated in an Autism Savant study with Dr. Daine Powell, Neuroscientists, which excited Dr. Deepak Chopra to meet him and said, “Akhil is a Genius.” We are blessed to have Akhil in our lives. He is minimally verbal, taking an Associate Science degree at Rowan College of South Jersey. AKhil’s website: 
We have digitized his education using various digital tools.
For Whom and Why?

For Whom and Why?

AUTISM journey is not easy and can be very challenging and overwhelming. Coaching is hand holding and taking one step at a time with clear tangible goals. 

For Newly diagnosed parents .  Parent are lost I am not sure what to do & am overhwhelmed.  What else I can do ? Whom can I seek help? which interventions? My child doesn’t speak – how can he express ? My child has lot of sensory issues – how can I help him ? Can my nonspeaking child attend college courses? Functional and Pre vocationals skills?


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