Autism Fitness™

Autism Fitness™ was founded by Eric Chessen. M.S. to develop fitness programs that were appropriate and progressive for individuals with autism. All available research, clinical, & anecdotal evidence supports physical fitness being essential for the development of optimal independence, health, and quality of life. Eric Chessen.

Activities Daily Living (ADL) and other complex activities require body movement and cognitive thinking and foundational skills like strength, stability, and motor planning are essential. As Physical therapy and Occupational therapy are required an Adaptive PE is also crucial. Also, Adaptive PE is often sport-based rather than movement based protocol. Many times such programs are missing component and AutismFitness can help to fill this gap. Eric Chessen developed the PAC Profile that addressed the 3 essential areas of ability for each individual -area of functioning; Physical, Adaptive, and Cognitive.

PAC Profile.

Understanding of fundamental movement skills, assessing individuals with autism. for the purposes of a fitness or APE program (PAC Profile), and strategies (from several best practices approaches) for developing and implementing fitness programs with individuals or groups on the autism spectrum .

Using the PAC Profile™ as a foundation, the Autism Fitness™ method can be applied in various environments including gyms, schools/Adapted PE settings, recreation centers, therapeutic facilities, and in homes



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