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Manisha Lad Nutrition Consultant-Founder & Executive Director(Akhil Autism Foundation.)

My career started with Information technology expert and after a good successful career I had to quit . At 18 months our only son was diagnosed with Autism and since then I began my odyssey into nutrition by canvassing the latest in nutrition information. My only goal in the life is get him better and the first choice is good nutrition.

Now I am a Nutrition Consultant and provide individualized dietary consultation based on whole foods, naturally prepared and tailored to each child’s unique needs. As a Nutrition Consultant my role is to help parents understand, prepare for, and implement whatever dietary prescription is recommended.

There are different diets recommended for autism and many a times parents are confused where should i start, what should i give. We have a step by step GFCF Implementation guide for parents with many many recipes.

Our body has an incredible ability of healing itself. Food gives us energy and nutrition and thus good nutrition is the best way for healing.

I will help to explain and implement the gluten and casein free, soy free, sugar free, and other specific avoidance diets such as salicylate and phenol free diets. Cooking is one of my passion and thus will help to construct a meal plan that takes into consideration of different foods and rotate it.

Going on a diet or putting a child on a diet is often not easy but if you plan ahead and implement some healthy living principles its not that hard. Education is the key, asking questions like what ? why ? and then how? is the start.

For convenience i am available for and phone consultations for follow up and supportive needs.

Our son has made some good improvements after carefully modifying his diet and implementing principles of various diets Body Ecology, Low Glycemix, Specific Carbohydrate diet , Weston Price Foundation and so on.

Have educated myself in various fields other then Nutrition & Biomedical like  Sensory integration and other education methods and interventions.

  • Nutrition Consultant
  • MNRI Level One Core therapists
  • Autism Parent Advocate

As a Nutrition Consultant was able to guide parents, educate and help them implement different types for special diets. Identified successful interventions and treatments programs in autism community, brought in awareness in NJ and India. Building relationships with health care professionals for making treatments available at an affordable cost. Founded Akhil Autism Foundation to accomplish a bigger mission, generate funds and make grants available for families with lower income in USA and India. Generated research opportunities with leading universities. Creating autism awareness in community, hospitals and other centers internationally.

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