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About Me

Manisha Lad

Holistic Health Coach
Parent Advisor/Coach
Neurodiverse community

My journey started as an Information Technology consultant and worked in the field with leading companies like Siebel Systems, Metlife, UBS bank in Tokyo. 2001 I decided to quit my career when our only son Akhil Lad was diagnosed with AUTISM. 

Since then I educated myself to become an Holistic Health Coach and our education and treatment with Akhil changed our perspective of AUTISM from Behavior to Biomedical and NeuroSensory Motor disorder. 

Our son Akhil Lad is now an adult though minimally speaking is taking Associate Science Degree with Rowan College of South Jersey. He also inspired us to start Akhil Autism Foundation.

I coach parents to get started on Autism Journey and understand them different puzzle pieces with right resources. 



Nutrition consultant

MNRI Method Level 1 Core


Bio Well Wellness Device

Meridian Channel

Rapid Prompting Method(RPM)

RPM certificate
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How It Works

We meet for 2-3 hours in phases to learn more about the neurodivergent individual, understand your Autism perspective, struggles and your thoughts. 


1st Phase

Listen to Pre-Recorded webinars.
Understand your child's AUTISM, History, Milestones, and your AUTISM Treatment track. Answer your questions.

Talent management

2nd Phase

Intake FORM , to understand Brain Development, BioMedical Profile, Communication Method , Sensory Profile, Digital Academic education and your priority goals and objectives


Final Phase

We meet in person/online , interaction with your child and your family. Put up a treatment plan with appropriate resources.


What I Can Offer ?

Help you create an AUTISM Journey Track along with you.  Rethink AUTISM from Biomedical, Sensory motor, communication, functional skills  and  more.  Learn all the possibilities and which resources to you use and when and why.

Questions ?.......One Hour

Answer my questions?…..1 hour

  • BioMedical Intervention
  • School Education (IEP)
  • Sensory Integration/Reflex Integration
  • Communication
  • After 21 yrs resources
  • Social Skills 
  • College Path

Coaching plan :
Create AUTISM Journey Track ....2 hours

Guidance on various interventions and modalities.

  • BioMedical Intervention
  • Brain development
    Reflex Integration
  • Rapid Prompting Method(RPM)
  • Digital Academic Education
  • After 21 yrs resources
  • Pre Vocational Skills

Interactive session : One-on-One with the neurodivergent individual ....1 hour

  • Any one of the below –
    Brain development games
  • Reflex Integration
  • Rapid Prompting Method(RPM)
  • Digital Academic Education
  • STEM Education

Free First Consultation​

Donate to Akhil Autism Foundation research and book first consultation.

Tax-Exemption Certificate will  be provided