BioMedical Intervention

Diagnosis: 2002

Diagnosed at 18 months Nov 2002, non verbal, no eye contact, no socialization, no gestures, spinning behaviors, no understanding of simple directions, stereotype behaviors.

As per the Dev. Ped Neurologist we got his hearing test done which was normal, but did           attention difficulties.  She did run some blood test to see Fragile X, Amino acids and Complete Blood count.  (         )

Creatinine (serum) always low , High BUN , WBC, Lymphocytes, Monocytes . This is the trend we have seen with Akhil.

Early Intervention: 2002-June 2004 (No BioMedical Intervention)

·         ABA/VB services from 20 months and started imitating few words from 24 months.

·         Till 3yrs of age, ABA/VB therapy almost throughout the day

·         Had few words but not much spontaneous words and many generalization issues.

·         Never learnt concepts, fleeting eye contact, inconsistent data, no expressive language at all

·         Was a rote and slow learner

·         Huge hyperactivity

·         Never acknowledged kids

School: July 2004 (Transitioning to school )


·     Started Allegro school from July 2004

·     He hasd almost reached a plateau and no progress

·     We started transitioning him on GFCFSFYeastFCornFree diet

BioMedical Intervention : Aug 2004 – 2005


  • MB 12 shots started from Aug 2004
    • Started acknowledging his pappa consistently and was very happy
    • Receptive skills increased but after few months didn’t see much changes.
    • We still give him MB12 shots
  • GFCFSFCornFSugarFYeastFree diet
    • Stools started getting regular but where still loose
  • Feingold diet.
    • For hyperactivity
    • Yeast
    • Attention span little improved
  • Jan 2005 we started him on a very very strict diet 100% not even potato chips
  • We maintained a food log and behaviour log.
  • In spite of diet and probiotics his poops where not getting better
  • We decided to see Dr Arthur Kirgsman for scope but never did it

Digestive Enzymes & Chelation started: April  2005 – Dec 2005


  • Helped tremendously with his poops and thus attention span
    • Leaky Gut – got better
    • Houston enzymes (SCD version)
      • AFP Peptizide
      • Zyme Prime
      • No Phenol
    • Stools – started getting better and language became very consistent
  • Scope was not necessary for him as his poops were perfect
  • Started preparing for chelation as his yeast and bacteria was in control
  • Had to treat him with anti-fungals when needed.
  • Pre-challenge test did show he was a chelation candidate
  • TD DMPS ->Started from June 2005
  • Seen good improvements
    • Tolerates hair cut, nail cutting – no problem at all
    • Swallows capsule
    • Blood draw no problem
    • Cognition
    • Awareness, alertness
    • Potty – can be dry for 1-2 hrs now, not intiating
    • Spontaneous words – getting consistent
    • No problem with transitions at school and at home
    • Receptive skills improved
  • TD EDTA – started Sep. 3, 05 & stopped in 3 days
  • TD ALA since dec 05 only with td dmps


Chelation : Mar 2006: started Oral DMPS & DMSA – Suppositories

Oral DMPS/DMSA ·         Never had a concept of pushing during a Bowel moment. Started doing BM on the potty as soon as we started Oral DMPS.
Suppositories DMPS,DMSA & EDTA ·         May 06

·         Started initiating “Pee Pee” spontaneously at home as well as school.

·         Started using some 2 words like eat cracker, eating all done, pee all done, water no no

·         Awareness increased

·         Social getting better with kids and adults.

LDN- Apr 22nd 06  

·         Became very social and interest in toys after being 2 months on LDN

·         Had scarlet fever 2 times in 6 months

HBOT Atleast 10-15 dives, didn’t see much improvements
Aug 06 IV Cal EDTA : challenge test

Went to India regressed in a week in words. Pee accidents, aggressive, biting behaviors.


Sept 06 


·         IV Glutathione every week

·         Oral Phosphatidlyserine and DMAE

o   We could see his scanning improved, He started matching, receptively identifying objects and pictures in the field of 8-10.(from field of 3).


Oct 06


Challenge IV DMPS

·         Started tacting/labeling pics, from 2 yrs he was not able to tact any picture. This was one of the reason why we started him with BioMedical intervention.

·         Increase in awareness


Nov 06


·         Again started with mHBOT alongwith regular IV Chelation + IV GSH

·         Stopped as he got sick with cough and cold

·         2 consecutive IV DMPS flarred up Akhil’s yeast. Complete loose stools but no hyperactivity and still consistent with his progress.

·         Took a break from IV for 2 weeks.

Dec 06

·         Started IV Cal EDTA  & DMPS plus GSH

·         Rented mHBOT for a month around Dec end.  IN 20 dives he got strep and we took a break

·         All the changes we saw during those days were lost.






Jan 07

Continued IV Chelation with alternate Cal EDTA and DMPS

  • Increasing awareness
  • Cognition
  • Articulation
  • Consistent language


Genetic testing thru Yasko

Jan 07 : Urinary Porphyrin & Petrines

We consulted Dr Dan Rossignol and he asked us to test him for porphyrins & petrines

  • He advised to do Spirinolactone and mHBOT
  • Asked us to start him on Alpha-Keto acid and BH4
  • We tried BH4: didn’t see anything great


April 07- Viral Panel & Immunologist Appt

Akhil doesn’t feel sick at all , and never catches cold. So we decided to get him tested for his immune system. While he was on BH4, we saw a white rash on his upper lip and suspected virus

We did the Viral Immune panel (Lab Results         )

We consulted an Immunologist and tested him for his Immune system

  • She got his approved for IVIG
  • According to his results he doesn’t have strep antibodies and she suggested a vaccine
  • We denied


June 07-HBOT

Started hard chamber

  • Improvement in speech, articulation
  • Word retention
  • Huge awareness
  • Learning as a concept
  • Improvement in fine motor
  • Using PECS for communication




July 07: Consultation Dr William Lee Cowden

·         ASYRA testing

·         Laser Energy Detoxification (LED) treatments

·         Cumanda & Banderol protocol

·         Assesed nutritional deficiencies

·         Akhil has lot of toxins in the brain stem

·         Suggested more LED treatments at home and chelation

·         Did notice some subtle changes in Akhil in socialisation and some cognition

·         Did the proptocol for almost 4 months

·         Did challenge after the LED treatments with DMPS


Oct 07: Continued IV Chelation (Cal EDTA alternate DMPS)


  • Still dumping metals
  • We wanted to try with 2 chelating agents but DRN was not ready


Jan 08-IV PHosChol

Just started Intravenous Phoschol and GSH

Following some components of Dr Patricia Kane’s protocol.

·         BodyBio Balance liquid: helped him with his articulation

·         Carnosine

·         Cal/Butyrate

·         Evening Prime rose oil

·         Transitioned him on SCD.

·         Grass-fed meat: only Lamb

·         Organic chicken, egg (egg yolk once a week) , egg white regular

·         Organic Turkey

·         Lentils: Pancakes and dumplings (2 times a week)

·         Almond & Pecan pancakes : once a week

·         Snacks: almond crackers, pecan muffins

·         Apple & Pear chips: all organic

·         Stopped Potato, White rice & Brown rice completely

·         BMs: started getting regular and on time everyday



We wanted to do IV chelation along with PhosChol but DRN was reluctant and advised us to do in the next day. Which was little expensive and coming twice to the office with Akhil was difficult. As he has therapies everyday at home in the evening.

Thus we had to do stop IV chelation and just continued IV PhosChol & GSH.

Improvements with PhosChol

·         Articulation: speech programs started flying and are still. Words are getting clearer and clearer everyday. They are becoming more intelligible.

·         Awareness increased


Jan 08- Homotoxicology – Mary Coyle


·         Since we had taken a break from IV chelation we decided to try Homtoxicology

·         Started him following

o   Gentle pathway

o   Springbreeze

o   Adrenal tone

o   Drainage tone

o   Kidney tone

o   Field of flowers

o   Isopathic phenolic rings

o   Hypothalmapath

o   Adaptosode

o   Biosode

o   Detoxosode: Fungus & yeast

·         After starting on Adaptosode & Biosode we have started seeing subtle changes in his language and articulation. It’s very hard to say whether its Phoschol or Homeopathy.  But as soon we decrease his dilutions he will eat lot of raw cabbage

·         We did baseline UTM thru Yasko and she suggested all forms of B12.

·         After starting him on SCD and Homotoxicology: we also did CBC

·         We started Akhil on HB12 spray, MB12 spray, MB12 chewable, HB12 sublingual and HB12 shot (shot once a week).

·         We also think he is a good candidate of IV chelation with oral DMSA.




March 08- Homotoxicology – Mary Coyle


·         Consulted Mary Coyle and we got him tested on EVA Homtoxicology

·         His scores where good , but liver & small intestine were little weak

·         She asked us to start him on the following alongwith the above supplements

o   Lymphonest: after starting he had little cold and voice changed for 2 days

o   Hepatica

o   Avena Sativa

o   Luffa tablets

o   Para A

o   Cerepro PCT

o   Nematodes:  will start soon

o   Parasites: will start soon



June 08- IVIG – Aug 2009 Dr Tina Zecca


  • We did IVIG for almost a year.
  • Social and awareness increased
  • He would get sick the next day for 2-3 hrs and then back to normal


Sep  09-  Dr Weinstein: New York Prebsyterian Weill Cornell Comprehensive Epilepsy center


  • We are still struggling with Akhil’s language, comprehension
  • Cognition, word recall
  • Writing skills
  • Appropriate social
  • Hyperactivity
  • He suggested to do VEEG





Feb  2010-  Dr Weinstein


We wanted to rule out Landau-Klefner syndrome, and they recommended 24 hrs VEEG.


This is a abnormal video eeg recording in the awake, drowsy and asleep state suggestive of seizure disorder with occipital foci.

Jun  2010-  Dr Robert Coben  – Neurofeedback


We did the QEEG .and did 25 sessions of the neurofeedback.


Our major concerns with Akhil are

  1. No academics : colors, shapes, alphabets, numbers, counting
  2. He is very inconsistent when he has to receiptive identify it
  3. Cannot expressively identity : colors, shapes, alphabets, numbers, counting
  4. He over generalises any color, shape, number, letter etc
  5. He categories in things like : (train) is either a bus or car, (fork) is either spoon or knife. Similarly with letters and numbers
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