Brain Development

MNRI Method

Finally at age 13 Akhil started the treatment with

Dr SvetlanaMasgutovaNeurosensorimotor reflex integration method(MNRI) after attending each 5 days camp twice a year with home program 1 hr every 5 days in the home he is now able to independent type and connect his mind to his body at a faster speed.   Akhil now learns all grade level academics in his school and is becoming more independent. He has a decision and view in every part of family friends and society.

MNRI stands for the Masgutova NeuroSensory Reflex Integration Program. MNRI is a series of developmental programs that begin with the proper integration of the basic neuro-sensory reflexes that are present at birth and later play important roles in all other aspects of development of the brain.

The perspective that the MNRI Method is based upon is simply a less well known perspective. At its core, theMNRI Method is designed to facilitate the emergence, maturation, and integration process of primary reflex motor patterns for anyone, regardless of condition or age.

OUr MNRI Journey
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