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Autism Fitness™

Autism Fitness™ was founded by Eric Chessen. M.S. to develop fitness programs that were appropriate and progressive for individuals with autism. All available research, clinical, & anecdotal evidence supports physical fitness being essential for the development of optimal independence, health, and quality of life.… Continue Reading “Autism Fitness™”


Brain Development

Primitive Reflexes – Behaviors and Learning Primitive reflexes work as a symphony of reflexes that makes its presence known in a multitude of ways. Our body functions using this in equally profound ways. Timing and order is a critical and important component in this… Continue Reading “Brain Development”

Rapid Prompting Method


BioMedical Intervention Do you know your child’s Profile? What do the symptoms say

BioMedical Intervention


Behavior Intervention

How we started

Our Autism Journey

Our Autism Journey – Akhil a 14 yr old boy recovering from autism is an inspiration behind Akhil Autism Foundation. Akhil was born as a healthy baby and growing normally after his first birthday he started rapidly regressing lost his eye contact, stopped responding… Continue Reading “Our Autism Journey”