Education & Communication Approaches


By age 10 Akhil was a very different boy socially connected but yet there was a missing puzzle zero academics inspite of attending one of the best schools in NJ still nonverbal and had no communication media for expressing his thoughts. One of the testing done by Dr Frank Duffy from Harvard stated “he can process ,decode the information at a rapid speed but returning back is a problem”. By Age 11 Akhil was exposed to Supported Typing which is also called as Facilitation Communication and this is the first time when Akhil got to express his thoughts via ipad. This opened up the entire world for him and his parents , where due to a stronger relationship with parents we could now understand his world. Akhil has a very intelligent genius mind but he has a hard time to connect his mind to his body and he has expressed via typing “my brain does not give instructions to my body”.  In 13 yrs of Akhil Autism Journey we  were convinced to believe in all the other open minded or so called controversial therapies and treatments and FC was one of them.  The new view for autism now was “Autism is a Mind and Body Disconnect” and the huge concern was how to connect his mind to his body as he was lot in his subconscious mind and not too much conscious thus he had a hard time to handle his behaviors. akhil 2015



Rapid Prompting Method (RPM)

Transitioned to RPM method


Akhil First RPM session with Jackie March15th 2014


Akhil Second RPM Session


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