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My Approach

Neurodivergent Coach

AUTISM journey is not easy and can be very very challenging and overwhelming. Coaching is hand holding and taking one step at a time with clear tangible goals. .


My Results in Numbers

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Why Choose Me

Our only son, 20 yrs old, is recovering from AUTISM and the inspiration behind our Akhil Autism Foundation. link

March 2017 Akhil participated in an Autism Savant study with Dr. Daine Powell, Neuroscientists, which excited Dr. Deepak Chopra to meet him and said, “Akhil is a Genius.” We are blessed to have Akhil in our lives. He is minimally verbal, taking an Associate Science degree at Rowan College of South Jersey. AKhil’s blog: 
We have digitized his education using various digital tools.


Any Problems

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New Techniques​

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Vast Experience​​

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Group Therapy

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Online Therapy

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Couples Therapy

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What My Patients Say

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